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A costume picture montage for Dana

Costumes my family and I (and a few others) have worn to conventions and festivals and whatever other delightful excuse comes our way.  I do so love delightful excuses! Me dressed for a Halloween dance, age 16/17? Photo by my … Continue reading

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The Cabin in the Woods

Come out of the darkness, Come out from under those dripping branches of shadowy trees lost in clouds… As you have been… Come out of the cold and the fog, Into my cabin at the heart of the Endless Wood. … Continue reading

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Plotting and Planning

Last night, half way home from work, on the freeway, Jeb suddenly said, “Uh-oh.” That’s never a good sign. The dashboard was dinging and informing us that we were nearly out of coolant and had better stop soon. Yikes. We had … Continue reading

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The weekend past

1.  Talking with one of my online friends on Friday, he asked if I believed in religion.  I told him no.  He asked, “Why not?” I’m more inclined to think when asked that way, “Why should I?”  but replied more … Continue reading

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I can see how it was for her waiting for her children and husband to come in and say goodbye to her.  She was resolute now.  Her pain held at bay for their sake.  Baggage packed and set aside by … Continue reading

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The Color Purple

  My friend Dana posted this picture of a purple door on his facebook yesterday and I fell in love with it!  I love Victorianna and I especially love purple!  Oh, and I have a thing for any sort of portals … Continue reading

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In striving to manifest KISS theory in my house designs, and despite my determination to keep it small and manageable, maybe even cottage-size (though rich people will put their own unique spin on this) THESE are some of the temptations … Continue reading

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