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Dream Haunts

Just a passing thought to record before it drifts off again… In reading and hearing about the ghostly experiences of other people, one regular pattern has emerged regarding the spirits of people known personally by the experiencer: they visit in dreams more … Continue reading

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Time Travel

If you could travel back into your own time line and do one thing differently, what would it be and why?  And would it be worth it to you to have to live your live over again from that point … Continue reading

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My Spooky Experiences at Fort Casey

Sometime back in the Victorian era, a lighthouse was built on the end of Whidbey Island where Fort Casey is now.  The lighthouse is still there…. …it’s just surrounded by fort now.  It is also the fort’s only really tangible … Continue reading

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World’s End?

Era’s come and go while people of a negative mindset are always fearing an end to our world entirely.  Of course, they’re not always wrong… not entirely that is. A terrestrial reptillian by name of Lacerta claimed that the extraterrestian … Continue reading

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